Accessing session state in an ASP.NET HttpModule

An ASP.NET project I’m working on requires a password protected area of the application. When I found out about the “Forms” authentication built into ASP.NET I thought I was all set on the authentication part of my project. I soon discovered though, that the server was losing session variables, which were created on login, while the user was still logged in. I decided to remedy this by logging the user out whenever the session variables were lost. The session variables would then be re-established when the user logged back in.

ASP.NET provides the HttpModule interface that allows one to create a class that will be executed on every request to the server. I went ahead and created my HttpModule and added the appropriate entries to my Web.config file. To my dismay, I received the dreaded “object reference not set to an instance of an object” exception message every time I tried to access the session inside my module. After a bit of hair pulling, I finally figured out where I went wrong.

If you want to access session state in your HttpModule be sure to add your EventHandler to the HttpApplication’s “PreRequestHandlerExecute” event, NOT the “BeginRequest” event.

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