Up and running with WordPress

Well, I’m up and running with WordPress. Credit to my friend and co-worker Yuval for getting me to start this blog. I was going to start hacking away with my rusty Perl skills and put together my own blogging application, but a month has gone by and I’ve only made it as far as a putting together a preliminary database schema. During my lunch break today I decided to take a look at WordPress’ site and couldn’t resist trying it out after seeing the “5-minute” installation instructions. I followed the instructions and BANG, after five minutes I had nothing to show but blank pages. I found several posts in the WordPress forums pertaining to the problem, but I was running out of lunch hour. Tonight, when I got home from work, I prepared to settle in for some hardcore troubleshooting. But, before I got too far into the WordPress source-code I decided to re-download the zip-file and step through the instructions one more time. Second time was the charm!

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