Wax is for snowboards, not for bicycle chains.

I’ve started commuting to work via bicycle on a fairly regular basis, instead of driving my car. It only takes an extra 15-20 minutes each way, so it’s tough for me to come up with a reason not to ride the bike. One of the few things I don’t like about the bicycle though is chain maintenance. For a while I was using Finish Line Wet Lubricant, but I kept ending up with black chain marks all over me and my clothes. In my quest for a nice clean chain I recently gave paraffin wax a try. It was a little bit of a hassle dealing with the hot wax and all, but I had high hopes after reading one online post that reported the wax was still going strong after 3 months and almost 300 miles. Well, after the wax was applied I did have a nice clean chain. Yay, no more “chainring tattoos”. But on just my second day of commuting my chain was squeaking so bad I was ready to stop at the next available gas station for some 10W-30. Phooey!

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